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Knowing, caring and loving your "lady parts".

About Yo and Vaginia

I am a pelvic floor physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor.

to access empowering, fun videos on knowing, caring and loving your 'lady parts'!

Topics will include: pain during sex, knowing your female anatomy, why do I leak?, best kegel exercises, best exercises for mummy tummy, yoga poses for the pelvic floor, the pelvic floor and so much more!

We are so passionate about debunking the myth on women's health issues: "what is normal"? and erasing the taboo in the 'lady part' area!

Yo and Vaginia

Yo and Vaginia


Media and Interviews

Podcast cover for The Quick and The Dirty

The Quick & The Dirty Podcast - Sex & Pain

A conversation about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy with Yolanda!

March 26, 2021

Tune into this fun and information Podcast about the many benefits of Pelvic floor physiotherapy including pain during sex!

Listen here:

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yo and Vaginia

All in a Day with Alan Neal - CBC Radio

June 3, 2021

Ottawa pelvic floor physiotherapist Yolanda Tsang wants you to know and love your lady parts and her new YouTube channel is full of information to help you do just that.

Listen here:

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